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Don't make pricing your only deciding factor...

We're going to be together for a long time on your wedding day; let's make sure we're a great fit first. So until we meet face-to-face and discover a bit more about you as a couple, here's a little about us.
The Parental Control of Garnt & Deb Photographers - Deb Perry

This... this is exactly what I was meant to do!

As the daughter of an amazing caterer, I grew up watching weddings from a kitchen. Always peeking from behind the scenes, always curious about the ‘real’ events going on in the next room.

Eventually I matured, developed into a graphic artist, married Grant and became Mom to three amazing children. It wasn’t until many years later, a photographer friend graciously allowed me to accompany her to a local wedding. Within just thirty short minutes…I discovered I was ‘home’ again.

This time instead of peeking through the kitchen window, I was surrounded by the emotion of two people celebrating the happiest day of their lives. All the curiosity of my younger years came flooding back, as I instinctively captured the beautiful story unfolding in front of me. Excitedly dialing my cell, I announce to Grant, “This... this is exactly what I was meant to do”

Random Things About Deb
1 I wake up humming. 2 There is ALWAYS a song in my head... explains the humming ;) 3 When I'm alone, I prefer a quiet house... balances out all the humming. 4 I can't just read a book, I have to read it ALL in one sitting, oblivious to anything around me. 5 I love NEED to laugh. Our evening routine isn’t complete without a ‘Seinfeld’ re-run. 6 I filter everything through sarcastic wit. Explains #5. 7 I am Mom to three adult children in their early 20’s, and one spoiled Jack Russell terrier named Cowboy 8 I married a Type A, Redheaded Geek... explains #'s 5&6. 9 Grant drives me crazy everywhere... explains #8 10 I forget stuff... which means Post-Its are my BFF. 11 Everything I do gets filtered through a designer’s eye, so poor Grant gets bossed around A LOT when it comes to our website [website editor note: indeed / truth]. 12 I love NEED coffee. 13 Grant and I literally SEE things differently…which combined, makes for a beautifully woven wedding story. BUT there is always a contest on who makes the best picture that day! ;) 14 Grant and I have separate work spaces in our home, that’s why he’s still living. ;) 15 My love language is cooking. 16 I am obsessed with capturing the emotion of people. 17 I’m a people watcher... explains the obsession. 18 Grant and I make a great team…he makes the bed, I put on the million pillows. 19 I never need an excuse to throw a party, and love hosting/cooking Holiday dinners …the bigger the better! 20 We are Walt Disney World Freaks…and our favorite Disney property is Saratoga Springs. 21 I have a love / hate relationship with email. 22 My family thinks I’m a little possessed obsessed with order and tidiness. 23 I never feel like a wedding is complete until I’ve designed the album.

Wedding Photography has become one of my geek passions I will not apologize for
Garnt & Deb Photographers - Grant Perry

Who says a geek can’t be a great wedding photographer? And what makes a geek even want to become a great wedding photographer?

I mean after all, what self-respecting geek would do such an artsy, non-nerdy thing like photograph a wedding?

Well, since I’m that geek who depends heavily on the right half of my brain, I’d have to say it’s called obsession. And photography has become one of my passions I will not apologize for.

I’ve used photography for years in my ventures; whether for a website or product print collaterals, I've depended on that right half as a necessity. Over time, that necessity has turned to passion; always seeking better composition, better light, and ultimately, better results. I’m humbled to say there is hope for the photo-geek, and it’s my obsession to prove it to as many who will indulge my camera's lens.

Random Things About Grant
1 I love NEED spell checker / autocorect auto-correct. 2 I hate lists, especially "Random Things About Grant"   kinda lists. 3 I love red Swedish Fish & Oreos (must be double stuff — and must be served with ice-cold milk) — but not necessarily at the same time. 4 I love Yellow Red Bull. 5 I love everything Apple except one thing... I'm a PC. 6 I wake up thinking about if I remembered to put Diet Coke in the fridge last night casue I'm gonna need a cold one — right now. 7 I'm never not thinking about something, and typically 4-6 things are competing for my attention — all the time; make it stop. 8 I have an artist for a wife. 9 I love LOUD dance or contemporary jazz music — especially when I'm editing. 10 ADHD is my friend — SQUIRREL! 11 My best friend is drop dead gorgeous and she's just hot. She's also the only responsible adult in this thing. 12 I play the piano. 13 I love to make Deb her coffee in the Keurig cause, well, it's just cool. But I HATE coffee. 14 I love Pop Tarts — especially Strawberry Iced. 15 I'm geek to the core. If there's an app for it, I've got it. Still waiting for the "Why-can't-you-just-pick-up-after-yourself" app. 16 I make amazing mac-n-cheese — not even kidding. 17 I love that Pepcid Complete is a product — which explains #3. 18 I absolutely love planning cool concepts and ideas about our business with Deb. However, very often #6 & #9 compete with doing so. 19 I love the relationship our kids have with one another — it's amazing to see them laughing, talking and high-fiving each another. 20 I love it that our kids still come home... and bring all their friends; it's veery cool. 21 I love how Cowboy (our Jack Rascal Terrorist) chases the Frisbee I throw for him; every time, 113% all out and back (even though he has a torn ACL and will limp for the rest of the day — and he knows it). There's a lesson there. 22 I love love social media — to a fault. And if you're not following us on Social Media yet, well... FaceBook HERE, Instagram HERE, Twitter HERE, Pinterest HERE (shameless, I know). 23 I am stressed when the house is not tidy because I know Deb is gonna freak — soon; make it stop! 24 I love anything Canon, or camera, or accessories or lighting or... 25 I love Amazon Prime - actually I just love Amazon. We order EVERYTHING from Amazon — free shipping, zero tax. 26 I need adult supervision most of the time; explains #9 & #10. 27 I love Wawa Valencia Orange Juice. My new OCD thing is to stop after every wedding, buy a carafe and down it before getting home. Yum! 28 I NEVER take anything from the front of the shelf at the store; I ALWAYS reach to the back for the "freshness." Oreos from the back are ALWAYS fresher, and don't even get me started on the milk.
And if that's not enough...
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