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Deb Perry - GrantDeb Photographers
As an artist, I spent years designing things photographed by others. Then one day, I picked up a camera and tried it myself. It was magic... a whole new perspective into art, much like my very own game of Eye Spy. Peering through that viewfinder allowed me to see the frame of not only an image, but the story within... a unique story. Since then, it is that story I seek every time I shoot.

Whether clients choose to pose or play in front of my camera, it is my goal to gain their friendship one frame at a time. Then, it is within this relationship the images of their story relax and begin to unfold. I truly believe everyone has their own story to tell, and my desire is to capture those moments to be lived again and again in their hearts.

Deb Perry

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Random Things About Deb
1 I wake up humming. 2 There is ALWAYS a song in my head... explains the humming ;) 3 When I'm alone, I prefer a quiet house... balances out all the humming. 4 I can't just read a book, I have to read it ALL in one sitting. and I'm oblivious to anything around me. 5 I love to laugh... scratch that, I NEED to laugh. 6 I filter everything through sarcastic wit. 7 Our young adult kids still live at home... explains #6. 8 I married a Type A, Redhead... explains #'s 5&6. 9 The kids don't let me talk on the phone and drive... it's best that way. 10 I forget everything... except when to eat. 11 Everything I do gets filtered through a creative eye. 12 I love half sweet / half un-sweet iced tea with lots of lemon. 13 I could eat an avocado a day. 14 I could eat soup 3 times a day. 15 I love to cook, but hate to plan meals. 16 I am obsessed with Photography. 17 I am a people watcher... explains the obsession. 18 I could give up sweets in a heart beat... just don't take away my salads. 19 I love it that the kids still come home and want to talk about their day. 20 I love how the kids speak in their favorite movie lines. 21 I have a love / hate relationship with email and Facebook. 22 I am stressed when the house is not tidy. 23 I can live with my own mess... just not other people's crap, Ha! 24 I love running errands with Grant & Cowboy. ie: Krispy Kreme Donuts and Duncan Donuts Coffee. 25 I hate to-do lists... but I would LOVE a personal assistant to boss me around. ;)

Grant Perry - GrantDeb Photographers
Who says a geek can’t be a great wedding photographer? And what makes a geek even want to become a great wedding photographer? I mean after all, what self-respecting geek would do such an artsy, non-nerdy thing like photograph a wedding?

Well, since I’m the geek who depends heavily on the right half of my brain, I’d have to say it’s called obsession. And wedding Photography has become one of my geek passions that I will not apologize for.

I’ve used Photography for years in my geek ventures; whether for a web site or product print collaterals, I've depended on that right half as a necessity. Over time, that necessity has turned to passion - always seeking better composition, better light, and ultimately, better results. I’m humbled to say there is hope for the photo-geek, and it’s my obsession to prove it to as many who will indulge my camera's lens.

Random Things About Grant
1 I love NEED spell checker / auto-Korect auto-correct. 2 I hate lists, especially "Random Things About Grant" kinda lists. 3 I love red Swedish Fish, Chicken in a Biskit and Oreos (must be double stuff - and must be served with ice-cold milk) - but not necessarily at the same time. 4 I love everything Apple except one thing... I'm a PC. 5 I wake up thinking about if I remembered to put Diet Coke in the fridge last night casue I'm gonna need a cold one - right now. 6 I'm never not thinking about something, and typically 4-6 things are competing for my attention - all the time. Make it stop. 7 I have an artist for a wife. 8 I love LOUD dance music - especially when I'm editing. 9 ADHD is my friend - SQUIRREL! 10 My best friend is drop dead gorgeous and she's just hot. She's also the only responsible adult in this thing. 11 I play the piano. 12 I love to make Deb her coffee in the Keurig cause, well, it's just cool. But I HATE coffee. 13 I love Pop Tarts - especially Strawberry Iced. 14 I'm geek to the core. If there's an app for it, I've got it. Still waiting for the "Why-can't-you-just-pick-up-after-yourself" app. 15 I make amazing mac-n-cheese - not even kidding. 16 I love Pepcid Complete - which explains #3. 17 I absolutely love planning cool concepts and ideas about our business with Deb. However, very often #6 & #9 compete with doing so. 18 I love the relationship our kids have with one another - it's amazing to see them laughing, talking and high-fiving each another. 19 I love it that our kids still come home... and bring all their friends. It's cool. 20 I love how Cowboy (our Jack Rascal Terrorist) chases the Frisbee I throw for him; every time, 113% all out and back (even though he has a torn ACL and will limp for the rest of the day - and he knows it). There's a lesson there. 21 I love love social media - to a fault. And if you're not following us on Facebook yet, well HERE YOU GO (shameless). 22 I am stressed when the house is not tidy because I know Deb is gonna freak - soon. Make it stop! 23 I love anything Canon, or camera, or accessories or lighting or... 24 I love Amazon Prime - actually I just love Amazon. We order EVERYTHING from Amazon - free shipping, zero tax. 25 I need adult supervision most of the time; explains #9 & #10. 26 I love Wawa Valencia Orange Juice. My new OCD thing is to stop after every wedding, buy a carafe and down it before getting home. Yum! 27 I NEVER take anything from the front of the shelf at the store; I ALWAYS reach to the back for the "freshness." Oreos from the back are ALWAYS fresher.

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